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Since 2002,, LLC, has made hundreds of thousands of small personal loans to our customers, helping them to meet their financial needs and pursue their dreams. At, we view our customers as our friends and neighbors - you are never just a number on a screen to us. Our lending process is designed to help you get the funds you need quickly, easily and securely.
We are not a payday lender. We are fully regulated, licensed and audited by the State of New Hampshire. We are committed to your safety, privacy and security. All of your information is completely confidential.

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Understand the cost of NHCash loans

The Costs of Your Personal Credit Line

Our loans are not standard or cheap, but the cost is much lower than predatory payday loans or internet installment loans. The costs of your loan fall into two categories: fees, or interest and principal payments

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How do I Manage my Account?

As you apply for and are evaluated for your NH Cash loan account, you will receive a loan agreement, which you must sign, and instructions for how to set up your account. Once …

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