Unfreeze Your Credit

What is a credit freeze?

A credit freeze prevents lenders from checking your credit in order to open a new account. It can be an excellent tool to safeguard your report and ensure that no applications are fraudulently submitted with your information. Placing a credit freeze on your profile will not affect your credit score.

Why do I need to remove my TransUnion®, Clarity Services Inc.®, and Experian® freezes?

Because a credit freeze prevents lenders from accessing your credit profile, your application cannot be underwritten when the freeze is placed. While we do not have a minimum credit score required for approval, we will review your TransUnion® credit profile as part of the application process. We will likewise review alternative data about you, provided to us by Clarity Services Inc.®, which is a division of Experian®. As such, we need the freezes placed on these credit and information profiles to be lifted prior to submitting your application.

How do I remove my TransUnion® freeze?

Visit Manage Your TransUnion Credit Information. Enter the username and password you selected when you placed the freeze on your account. If you do not remember these credentials, you can click “Forgot Login Information” to reset your information. Once you’re logged in, follow the prompts to remove the freeze prior to submitting your application. Remember that once you’ve applied, you will need to log back into your TransUnion® account and replace the freeze, should you desire to continue to protect your TransUnion® credit profile.

How do I remove by Clarity Services Inc.® and/or Experian® freezes?

Visit Clarity Security Freeze and select whether you want to temporarily or permanently remove the freeze. Then simply follow the prompts.

Visit Experian Freeze Center and select “Remove or lift a security freeze” or “Grant a creditor one-time access to my credit file” and follow the prompts.

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