What Is a Drawdown?

NHCash.com stands out from its competitors because of how we take care of our customers.

One way we do so is by offering drawdowns to our eligible customers. So, let’s break it down, what are drawdowns?

Let’s say Angela got a loan with us for 450 dollars. She’s been making her regularly scheduled payments on time for five months, and then her car breaks down so she needs to borrow more money to cover the repairs. Because Angela has a revolving line of credit with NHCash.com, she’s been replenishing her credit limit as she’s making payments on her initial draw amount of $450.   Since Angela has a strong payment history with us,  when she reached out regarding an additional drawdown, we made it easy for her to continue borrowing with us – all she had to do was simply request a drawdown in her MyAccount.

Angela can continue to drawdown from her credit line, make timely payments, and repeat that cycle over and over again, as long as she continues to make timely payments.

The biggest advantage of having this revolving line of credit is that as long as you regularly make on-time payments, you can tap into it and pay it back, whenever you need it. Our loans aren’t simply a one-time fix – when your account is managed properly, an NHCash.com revolving line of credit can be used to help you cover unexpected expenses as they arise, well into the future.

Similar to a credit card, with us you have access to borrowing whenever a new emergency pops up. Best part? You’ll never have to re-apply for new loans with a different provider again!

Apply today and borrow when you need it!

*Eligibility criteria for credit line increases and drawdowns are subject to change without notice. All loans, including additional drawdowns, are subject to final fraud and other underwriting checks. 

This Educational Series is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as financial, legal, or other advice. NHCash.com, LLC provides online loans and does not provide credit repair counseling or services. Any sources consulted in the preparation of these articles are listed for reference; content at hyperlinks is property and responsibility of rightful owners and is subject to change without notice.