Consent for Electronic Signatures, Records, and Disclosures (“E-Consent”)

Introduction. You are applying for a loan with, LLC (hereinafter “,” “we,” “us” and “our”). In providing you our services, operates predominately in an Internet-based environment. All documents, FAQ’s, privacy policies, customer service procedures, etc. are written or developed to suit that business model. If you do not wish to document your transactions with online, we recommend that you seek a credit account relationship with another entity that does not operate in an Internet environment. This form notifies you of your rights when receiving disclosures, notices and information via our website, (“Website”) and your email account provided to us during the application process.

By clicking “Submit” or other links assenting to our terms, you acknowledge that you received this E-Consent policy and that you consent to the use of electronic signatures (“E-Signature”) and to conduct transactions by using electronic disclosures, electronic records, and electronic contract documents (“Disclosures”).

All electronic documents and/or signatures will have the same legal effect or enforceability as traditional paper documents and hand-written signatures. Please note, if you do not consent to receipt of the Disclosures electronically, you will not be able to open a credit account via our Website. You must contact our office by phone at 888-642-2740, by email at, or mail us your written request to, LLC, 169 South River Road, Suite 19, Bedford, NH 03110, to make other arrangements. Our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M., excluding bank holidays.

Scope of Consent. This E-Consent applies to all online interactions between you and, and includes transactions on any mobile device including cell phones, smart phones, and tablets. By exercising this E-Consent, will process your information and conduct all online interactions electronically. We will also send you electronic notices related to our interactions and transactions.

Hardware and Software Requirements. In order for us to conduct business with you electronically, you will need access to the following:

  • Internet browser that we support;
  • A connection to the Internet;
  • A program that accurately reads and displays PDF files (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader);
  • A computer, tablet or mobile and an operating system capable of supporting all of the above;
  • An email program and valid email address; and
  • A printer should you wish to print out and retain records on paper, and electronic storage if you wish to retain records in electronic format.

From time to time, we may offer services or features that require your Internet browser to be configured in a particular way, such as permitting the use of JavaScript. If we detect that your Internet browser is not properly configured, we may make recommendation on updating your configuration.

Changes to Hardware or Software Requirements. We reserve the right to discontinue support of a version of software if, in our sole opinion, it suffers from a security flaw or other flaw that makes it unsuitable for use with our systems. You will be notified of any changes to the hardware and/ or software requirements that may create a material risk that you will not be able to receive, view, print or save a document or communication.

Withdrawing Consent. You are free to withdraw this E-Consent at any time and at no charge. However, withdrawing this E-Consent before receiving any cash advance will prevent you from obtaining funds from us, absent the negotiation of an alternate form of conducting business with one of our customer service representatives. If at any time you wish to withdraw this E-Consent, you can send us your written request by email to or by mail to, LLC, 169 South River Road, Suite 19, Bedford, NH 03110, along with the details of such request. If you decide to withdraw this E-Consent, the legal effectiveness, validity, and enforceability of prior electronic Disclosures will not be affected.

Option for Paper or Non-Electronic Records. You may print any disclosures or other records in paper form by visiting and logging into your account. You may also request any Disclosures in paper form by calling us at 888-642-2740, emailing us at, or mailing us your written request to, LLC, 169 South River Road, Suite 19, Bedford, NH 03110. You may have to pay a fee for the paper copy unless charging a fee is prohibited by applicable law. We will retain all Disclosures as applicable law requires.


  1. This E-Consent Disclosure and any amendments;
  2. Our Online Privacy Policy and any amendments;
  3. Agreements for services and products;
  4. Periodic account and activity statements, disclosures and notices;
  5. Notice or disclosure regarding fees or assessments such as late fees and returned item fees;
  6. Notice of amendments to your agreement with us; and
  7. Any other notices that we are legally required to provide to you, or choose to provide to you in our discretion.

Updated: 01/2021